Word Play

Brutally Rich

Yes I’m elitist.
I smirk tight lipped
my adventures I save locked away allowed only for myself and those involved.
every time I share a treasure from my life the air from my mouth corrodes it.
But the looks of your peers baffled and stumped are both beautiful and bold dismal
I prize it.
I recognize it.
Some times when I’m drunk slipping I see the bitter clue in their eyes and they know:

When you clutch scuffle with the ape gods you live vital and no one doubts you are at liberty,
viciously used.

Long ago I entered a world chaotically painfully, brutally rich
I’ve been punched in the stomach
lost lovers
been left in a ditch.
I luxurate my copies of voyeur documentaries
black ink trash
hello kitty
Yes it’s all chaotically painfully, brutally rich

Because when life is good you know it.
It’s the first time you got your fist all the way in.
It’s knowing life hasn’t been easy and it won’t be as easy again.
It’s getting stitches on your lip while knowing you won.
It’s the sound of broken glass in your ears because your judgment is bad and you got the job done.
It’s the love sisters in pink panty’s
they’re standing at the door and they’re pointing at you.
That fluid on your belly sticks like glue.
Free cigarettes
good beer
cheap whiskey
spiders in a jar.
Wandering lost and finding a way home.
Bottle rockets
red meat
and managing to pay the rent without owning a comb.
If you don’t have the guts, fuck you.
If you can’t hold on tight, poor you.
If you are having a bad day and the grimcrack suckers of this retards heaven are kicking the shit from your ass then just take my hand…

and I will kiss you,
or lick you
or pull out your tongue and eviscerate you.
because from your bowels you need declare,
concent and
You don’t really know, but I still want my due.

I’m still young.
I have my epic
and I’ve already done
my time
I’ve done my time
I’ve done my time right here
How about you?

(originally written circa 1994-2002)

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