Word Play

Jesus was a Capricorn

(Thank You)

“Fuck me brutally” you snapped that night and I giggled at your contortionist pose percariously balanced on my one man futon,
ruining the moment like magic.
“Jesus was a capricorn.” you told me two hours before.
And you were right.

We eat red meat because we love Jesus.
We play baseball because we love Jesus.
We cheat with our neighbors because we love Jesus.
We brush our teeth because we love Jesus.
We laugh out loud because we love Jesus.
We beat up that ugly kid because we love Jesus.
We drove our car off the bridge because we love Jesus
We had a golden shower because we love Jesus.

I refused the angels grand invitation to dance.
I may refuse a second…
if I were ever asked.

As you left I was gentle with my dismissal of you because it’s the polite thing to do.
For your intimate hospitality I must write to say I thank you.
In crow’s feet and old cheese and blank nativity stares, I thank you.
In cuckolds and vinegar and babbling anchorites,
yes I do.
I thank you.
In horse flies and suburban blight and blood pudding pies, I thank you.
In crestfallen sneers,
trailer park porn
and our birthright tax,
I thank you.
It’s the polite thing to do.
And I thank you.

As I continue to float farther away I realize the tupperware wives look sexy to me and I feel small.

Living today is a wounded regional manager rationalizing genocide
A whore who doesn’t even know there’s a needle on her arm
A retarded kid seeking approval

I giggle again.
My shoulders are slumped but I do not sigh.
I take my leave,
and I thank you.

(originally written circa 1994-2002)

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