Fuck you Bobby Digital, I Almost Lost My Mind

So I’m sitting in my little office the other day, home alone. No tv on, no music playing. Suddenly I hear in this low, deep voice, barely addible someone say “yo”
Now this isn’t odd since I live in south philly, but it’s usually someone standing on the side walk outside our living room window. Usually something more like “Yo Mikey, not for nuthin’ but when yah gonna move yer fuckin’ car?”
This was a little different. My office is on the second floor of my house. The windows sealed tight to protect my prints from my own absent mindedness when it rains.
Then I hear it again. “yo”
What the fuck. that was really someone’s voice.
I turn in my chair.
I walk out into the hall.
Dead silence.
No one is in the house.
I sit back down.
Am I loosing my mind? Have the voices finally started?
I cross my leg.
“yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo.”
Where is that coming from????
It’s coming from my pants.
my Ipod had turned on in my pocket and is pressing up against my phone.
It seems my sanity is intact for another day.

“Can’t forget Digi if I did I’d feel gypped,
like my sandwich ain’t a sandwich with out miracle whip.”

(originally written circa 2006-2008)

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