The Enunciation of a Muse

The young girl is the metaphorical idealization of my artistic muse that I have carried with me since a teenager. The abstraction of who, when and where I first realized that my own creative expression was something I would spend my life needing to pursue.
-She is blindfolded so that I will not be distracted.
-In her left hand she holds a pistol so that I will not be stopped.
-In her right hand she holds a spread of tarot cards because I know my destiny.
-her ankle is shackled to a weighted ball so that I stay grounded.
-She lounges surrounded in an opulent cornucopia of fruits, flowers and plants, because life is a feast
-Next to her is a severed (sniveling) goats head. To remind me to always try and temper my considerable darker urges
-Behind her is a classical temple to remind me that all great creation stems from a knowledge of the past.
-It is on fire with people fleeing to the hills because in order to advance forward, you often have to destroy those traditions.
-The banner reads NEUTIQUAM ERRO which means I AM NOT LOST in Latin. Some people spend their whole lives trying to find out what road their on. I know where I am and where I’m going, for better or for worse, I’m staying on that path.

This tattoo has grown and grown. Initially it was going to just be the banner over my shoulders, and the girl was to be small in my upper back. Obviously the scope increased. Initially the whole plate was to be black & white, but as we were wrapping up, we decided to add some color to the girl to make her pop. But now that it’s done, we’ve come to the conclusion that by doing this, it’s become a color piece and we need to add more color.

But the back has been a serious trouble spot for me. My skin balloons up and swells horribly and I haven’t been able to sit for very long (especially along the spin) So we have decided to move on to the second sleeve of circus freaks & clowns which we start next week. Then I’ll be back to my muse.

Trish Sanchez does great work and I’m humbled that she agreed to do two sleeves and a huge back plate for a couple of my prints.

1448 Brownsville Road
Trevose PA 19053

(originally written circa 2006-2008)

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